Oil & Gas Investment Fraud 

Oil & Gas Investment Fraud Attorney Lawyer Dallas TX

Texas oil and gas reserves are some of the largest in the world. While we are proud of our oil and gas exploration and production, there is also a seedier part of the business. Year after year the scammers take investors’ money and squander it on everything from gambling and sports cars to real estate. For over 20 years, Mark Alexander and his team have been fighting oil and gas fraud in Texas and around the country.

Fraud Looks Legit 

The oil and gas fraud schemes get better each year, making investors easy prey. Our clients include doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants and retired NFL players. Smart people are sometimes embarrassed to seek help, wondering how they could possibly fall for a scam. It’s almost unimaginable what lengths the oil and gas fraudsters go to make their operation look legitimate. Falsified documents, Ponzi-scheme referrals and expert testimony are commonplace in current scams.


The Alexander Team remains committed to recovering our clients’ money. Below you’ll find just a few of our success stories.

  • 124 plaintiffs vindicated. In a nationwide oil and gas fraud case, The Alexander Team successfully represented 124 plaintiffs, securing a $12 million judgment.
  • Sued for $32 million. Judgment for under $15,000.The Alexander Team was lead counsel, defending the president of a large oil and gas corporation in a $32 million oil & gas securities fraud jury trial. Before the trial ended, the case settled for less than $15,000.
  • 10 plaintiffs and $1.2 million. A trial judge granted our motion for summary judgment on behalf of ten plaintiffs, awarding over $1.2 million to our clients who fell victim to an oil and gas investment scheme. In other words, the facts and law were crystal clear on behalf of our clients.
  • $800,000 from Unanimous Verdict. I successfully represented plaintiffs in a securities oil and gas fraud case. The jury awarded my clients nearly $1,000,000.00, including $75,000.00 in exemplary damages.

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Oil & Gas Investment Fraud Lawyer Attorney Dallas TX

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As long as oil flows, scammers will keep perfecting their art. When you are looking for an experienced and successful oil and gas attorney, give us a call at 972-544-6968.

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