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Navigating Contract Dispute Cases 

Lengthy. Complex. Not worth the paper it’s written on. Sound familiar? Handshake deals, oral agreements, written and digital contracts all require good communication, a clear understanding of the parties, good faith, satisfactory performance and timely payment. Maybe it’s amazing there aren’t more contract disagreements resulting in commercial litigation. When a party fails to pay or perform, does not complete work timely, performs poorly or damages are incurred during performance, lawyers’ phones start ringing, costs begin escalating and tempers flare. Many times, a contract dispute arises when an on-going relationship must continue. Negotiating a contract dispute while working side-by-side requires the finesse, strength and experience of attorneys like Mark Alexander.

Success Stories 

Mark Alexander’s team continues to get results for clients in all kinds of industries. Here’s an example of a happy complex commercial litigation client:

  • From $17 million to zero. Successfully defended two foreign entities in a $17,000,000.00 case involving claims of breach of contract under a Collateral Insurance Agreement, Specific Performance, and applicability of joint and several liability of insureds under Texas Workers’ Compensation Statutes.

Types of Contracts We’ve Negotiated or Litigated 

As the types of contracts have diversified, so has our contract negotiation and litigation practice.  Some of the types of contracts subject to disputes we’ve successfully resolved include:

  • Sales contracts, service agreements and warranties
  • Real estate documents and construction contracts
  • Non-solicitation, non-disclosure (NDA) and confidentiality agreements
  • Shareholder, partnership and operating agreements
  • Buy-Sell documents, non-compete agreements and employment contracts
  • Government contracts, grants and licensing documents
  • Insurance contracts and indemnification provisions
  • Promissory notes, loans, collateral documents and security agreements
  • Consumer contracts and sales of goods and services
  • Commercial and general business contracts including sale and purchase of business

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When the stakes are high, and you need a contract enforcer or a defender against a breach of contract claim, let Mark get results for you.

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