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With the exception of family law, some of the largest, most emotional legal battles arise out of business ownership and partnership disputes. Complex commercial litigation claims develop as shareholder derivative suits, partnership disagreements, shareholder disputes, minority shareholder oppression, corporate dissolution, “business divorce” and even bankruptcy of a partner, shareholder or corporation.

Shareholder Derivative Lawsuits

When a shareholder discovers corporate mismanagement, accounting scandals, fraudulent financial reporting, self-dealing, related-party transactions, corporate waste, insider trading, minority shareholder oppression, illegitimate mergers or inappropriate executive compensation, and the corporation does not take appropriate action, the shareholder may bring a shareholder derivative suit. These suits are designed to enforce a corporate right that the corporation has failed to enforce.


At Alexander Law, we have filed lawsuits when directors or officers have breached their duty of care and their duty of loyalty while managing the corporation. We have also successfully sought relief from accounting malpractice. Shareholders may choose to file suit when the company is violating environmental laws or labor laws such as wage and hour regulations or workplace health and safety standards.

If you face a business ownership lawsuit, or are contemplating filing a lawsuit, contact The Alexander Commercial Litigation Team.

Partner and Owner Disputes

Partnership and shareholder disputes in smaller organizations arise out of many types of transactions or disagreement over management guidelines. Disputes develop from accounting practices, contract interpretations, collection practices, failure to pay dividends, executive compensation, misappropriation of property, breach of confidentiality and disclosure of trade secrets. Before differences are resolved, partners and shareholders can face business dissolution or significant loss of customers and employees. The financial costs can be devastating, and the resulting defamation, non-compete and confidentiality disputes devour valuable resources. The Alexander Team has a history of successfully negotiating partner and business owner disputes, as well as litigating when disputes cannot be resolved. We understand the importance of resolving disputes economically and confidentially.

Success Story

  • Zero damages awarded. Successfully defended a doctor in a $700,000.00 suit involving claims of breach of fiduciary duty claims and the partnership agreement.

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