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Business Law from A to W

Business litigation, a subset of civil litigation, is an ever-expanding area of the law. We call this practice, Business Law from A to W. Lawsuits arise from agency relationships, advertising claims and accounting disputes, all the way to warranty claims. The Alexander Team routinely handles cases including fiduciary duty, business-agent liability, partnership liability, warranty claims and deceptive trade practices. Negligence claims, and intentional business torts are also a growing part of our practice.

Who Can Be Sued?

Answering questions not just about who is at fault, but also who can successfully be sued (and held responsible) are at the center of business litigation and negligence. There are many myths and urban legends that the courts continue to debunk. Do you think only business assets are at risk? Isn’t that why people establish limited liability companies, limited partnerships and S-corporations? Like so much of the law, things are never as simple as they seem. Business litigation frequently involves employees, managers, directors, partners and shareholders.

  • Are a partner’s or a shareholder’s personal assets at risk?
  • Does a personal guarantee really mean creditors can go after individuals?
  • When is a business owner responsible for the actions of an employee or another owner?
  • Can a manager be sued personally over work related activities?
  • When can employees be sued for work-related incidents?
  • Do government agencies hold employees and managers responsible for negligence?

Success Stories

The Alexander Team sues and defends businesses and individuals. Below are a few cases we have won in our business litigation practice.

  • Client awarded triple damages. When a homeowner sued a contractor for violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, she was vindicated.  The judge not only awarded our client economic damages but also tripled those damages. We were honored twice during the trial when the judge complimented us on our trial preparation.
  • From $4.5 million to zero. Successfully defended a publicly held manufacturing company in a federal jury trial, along with its chairman in a $4,500,000.00 suit involving claims of alleged violations of the Federal and State Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Acts and the Federal Debt Collections Practices Act.

Business Law & Negligence Claims

Dallas Business Law Attorney | Negligence Claims Lawyer

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