November 11, is Veterans Day

Where would any of us be without these heroes?  We don’t even want to go there.  How often have you thought about the men and women who gave so much, so we could have so much?  I admit that I am guilty of not thinking and moreover, thanking these men and women for their sacrifices.  Please join me in changing that thinking and start showing some thanks.  Here are some ways to show your thanks:

Offer a Ride.  Volunteer with the Disabled American Veterans to provide transportation for a man or woman who is unable to drive to a VA medical facility.

Help with Shelter.  Homes for Our Troops constructs houses for severely injured veterans who served post 9/11.  Help build a home.

Send a Care Package.  Hospitalized veterans and troops abroad can get personalized packages from candy bars to board games.  The “Kitchen Table Gang” will provide you with addresses, package your goodies and do the mailing for you.

Donate Movies. Drop off movies to your local VA facility or mail them to DVDs4Vets where they will then be distributed.

Write Their Story.  Interview a soldier about his or her experience in serving our country.  The Library of Congress’ web site will give you tips on conducting an interview.

Cut Coupons.  Military families can use expired coupons…for up to 6 months past their expiration date.

Hire a Veteran.  If you own a business or are a hiring manager, make an effort to hire a qualified veteran.  If you work for a large corporation, suggest that the corporation establish a veteran hiring program.

Pro Bono.  If you are an attorney, a CPA, a dentist, or an internist donate your expertise to a veteran.

If you think these suggestions are hard….think about our soldiers.  Our troops did and continue to do the hard work…for you and me.

God bless them.