Did you know that currently there are over 20 different social media sites?  Using any one of them may significantly affect any legal claim you make.

Nearly everyone I talk with uses some sort of social media in order to exchange videos, images, and/or personal communications.  This information, regardless of its form, may later become evidence in a lawsuit.

For example, an employee’s online comments about his/her boss could affect him/her in an employment claim.  Likewise, a supervisor’s comments about an employee could damage him and his employer.  Similarly, making remarks about one’s spouse or an alluring third party could be used in divorce proceedings.

When our firm is hired, depending on the circumstances, one of the first tasks we engage in is to search social media sites for any information regarding our client and the adversary.  Whether it be good or bad, we need to know.  After all, we work for our clients and the better we know them, the better we can serve them.

If you are a plaintiff or a defendant in any lawsuit, do not be surprised if your opponent has diligently scoured these sites for any information that could attack the merits of your legal position and/or credibility.  Such is electronic evidence, and the litigation of it is ever-evolving.

Bottom Line:  Be Careful What You Write……….that is unless you want the WORLD to read it!

Knowledge is power.