Mechatronic Techniques Incorporated
December 29, 2018

I wanted to take time to express how impressed and grateful our company was with your representation in our recent legal matter. As I shared with you when I first met you, our company was in a very difficult situation, and were not pleased with the results our company had with the attorneys we used in prior matters. I was glad to hear your clear explanation of the legal process, your “game plan” to help our company, and that you would not guarantee anything. That was very refreshing.
As you know, we do business all over the world, and you were the first attorney to stand by your word. I shared our conversation with the other principals of our company. Their immediate response was, “hire him.”
Bottom line. We are very glad we hired you and the results you got for us.
Feel free to let others know of what Mechatronic thinks of your legal skills.