Investment scams run across the board.  It does not matter if it is a stock, an oil and gas lease or a real estate investment fraud.  It’s all the same.  Steal the public’s money.

Recently we were hired by a highly successful California businessman who invested millions in First Texas Medical Partners, LLC, Giltex Global Holdings, LLC, and several individuals regarding a medical product manufacturing plant in Memphis, Tennessee.  The defendants’ representations to our client read like a Hollywood movie script.  “18% return on your investment … this is “a cutting edge wound-healing product” … “we already have the patents.”  Fraud.  Fraud.  Fraud.

Needless to say, despite many promises, this investor has not received a penny from his substantial investment.

He realized he was a victim of a massive scam.

He hired us.

We are going after the fraudsters.  We will not believe any of their promises.  As we say in Texas, “taking fast action is fine, but accuracy is final.”  That’s what we do.  Accuracy for our clients.

Additionally, we think it is important for investors to know – and as we have informed those who have contacted us – that there is a strong likelihood that their investment is an “investment contract” under the Texas Securities Act.  Effectively, this means that if a person contracts or engages in a transaction which involves: (1) an investment of money in; (2) a common enterprise and (3) with profits to come solely from the efforts of others it is an “investment contract.”  As a result, the person who offered to sell and sold the investment along with his employer must comply with several provisions of the Texas Securities Act.  For example, among other things, the seller and his employer (the broker-dealer) must have been timely registered with the Texas Securities Commission to legally make the offer and sale.  Most times they aren’t.

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