Don’t Let Debt Collectors Intimidate You In Texas

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//Don’t Let Debt Collectors Intimidate You In Texas

Texas Law Guidelines Prohibit Debt Collector Harassment

Like most States, Texas has a law regarding the “do’s and don’ts” for debt collectors. One of the main goals of this law is to avoid consumers from being harassed.

Under Texas law debt collectors are forbidden from:

  1. Repeatedly or continuously calling debtors or creditors;
  2. Using profane or abusive words;
  3. Violently threatening creditors;
  4. Telling debtors that they will get detained or their house will get repossessed;
  5. Misrepresenting the original amount owed; and
  6. Using false names. For example, using deceptive and fraudulent acts is also banned which include using the wrong name or ID, sending the document to debtors which misleadingly appear to be coming from a law firm or a court.

Texans can sue collectors or a 3rd party collection company when they have been put at risk or harassed.

Stop Fraudulent Credit Collection Strategies, Harassment & Intimidation

If you are being exposed to abusive, harassing and fraudulent credit collection strategies by debt collectors, and you want to stop them from further contacting you, you should send the debt collector a letter stating so.

We hope the above is helpful.

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