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Banks, Debt, Investments & Scams. Profiting from Debtor’s Default

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The Business of Collecting Consumer Debt With credit purchases easier [...]

Arise and a Fall – Arise Bank’s Cryptocurrency Coin Offering Not Worth a Dime

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Cryptocurrency Coin Offering Not Worth a Dime Dallasites, Texans and [...]

“Hotel California” still an Eagles’ Trademark-“Any Time of Year”

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How do you know if you are likely to lose [...]

Theft by Lawyer…Only 13 Months & $1.2 Million Dollars

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Well-drafted contracts, cunning negotiators in contract disputes and expert commercial [...]

CAUTION: Your Words Can Be Used Against You

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Those in business know that disputes can lead to lawsuits. [...]

Greed – A Time Honored Tradition

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“Unadulterated greed,” is how a federal agent described the conduct [...]